Thursday, May 29, 2014

dear body

Dear body,

I just wanted to say "thank you."  

Thank you for putting up with my shit and abuse for so many years.  I know I ate a lot of garbage and stressed you out with yo-yo dieting.  

Thank you for tolerating my new fitness interests over the last few years. After many sedentary years, you are still willing to try new stuff.  Let's be real - you're getting pretty jacked, so we're both benefiting here. 

Thank you for doing pretty much whatever I ask of you - and then some. I know you didn't really want to do 75 wall balls at the time, but I'm glad you played along. You constantly amaze me, pushing me to do things I didn't really ever think I'd be capable of doing.  

Thank you for keeping me humble.  I'm not really expecting to have a six pack or be a size 2, and it seems like we're both cool with that. 

I know we've got many more adventures in store for us. We both know I can't resist dragging you into new challenges. So I got you a little something.  Just a token of my appreciation.

Love you. Seriously.