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How's about a little story?

There once was a girl who had been overweight for as long as she could remember.  Three years ago, on New Year's Eve, she was having a chat with her sister.  She asked her sister why their mother was looking so sad, and the sister replied "Lauramy, she's sad about you.  She's worried about your weight."
And I realized, right at that moment, it was bad.

The following week, I hauled my size 24 (yes, size. Not inches.) into a Weight Watchers meeting and was given a pretty harsh wake-up - I weighed 330.6lbs. A month later, I joined a gym.  In July of that year, I joined a boot camp class and met Michelle Parks, who has been there with me through this whole thing.  She's my Jillian Michaels.  She kicks my ass and gives me encouragement and listens when I need to vent and offers advice.  I wouldn't be in this position right now if it wasn't for her - I'm way too damn lazy for that.

So today, three years after I began the process of reinventing who I am, I have lost about 115lbs (and about 6 sizes). I would like to get rid of another 40lbs to hit my goal - but that's another story.

I was the girl that was teased all through school.  I was the girl that cried herself to sleep, and wished she could be skinny so people would like her.  I was the girl who met a wonderful man who stuck by me through all of this and then I was the girl who was lucky enough to marry him.

I am the girl that's been through it all, and I don't want you to be that girl that wishes for things. I want you to get those things.  I just might be able to help.

 This is the start...
...And this is was August 2012.

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