Monday, June 24, 2013

get your head in the game (warning: this post gets weird. sorry.)

Hello my lovelies.  I apologize for the lack of updates.  Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches, and I was getting hammered.  We are back in our house, flood-damage free, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove. Punchy punch punch BAM.

I was thinking this morning at boot camp that I have 72 days until my birthday, which is when I'd like to be at my goal.  As of yesterday morning, that is 16.8lbs away.  That's about 1.5lbs/week.  I'm really just saying this for my benefit and hoping someone will keep me accountable (please nag my lazy ass!).  I like to break down my goals like this - helps me get a little perspective on things.  Even now that I've done the math, I'm a little more fired up about it.  Let's do this shit.

Anyways, I'm not sure if you've ever had the pleasure of watching High School Musical (or the honor of watching it with Julie and I.  Us - one, humanity - zero), but it has some pretty good advice.  One of those pieces of advice is that men need to carefully consider wearing capris before doing so.  Another is that you need to getcha head in the game.  I was having a conversation with someone who is currently putting her game face on in terms of fitness (so proud of you, P!) and she was telling me about her plans and goals.  First off, having the drive to make plans and goals in the first place is a giant accomplishment.  That's what sets the inspired apart from the motivated!  But is that enough? What happens when you stop "feeling like" working out and tracking your food (downward shame spiral with mojitos, party of one)?

Once in a while, I like to be creepy. I know, this may shock some of you.  When the mood strikes, I start Googling Missy Peregrym (or Missy Peregrym's abs if I'm feeling extra-creepy. Okay fine, I Google that every time.  I can stop any time!) and start thinking how utterly doable that could be.  Some days, just saying "I can lose weight!" or "I should go for a jog!" just don't cut it for me.  But somehow, the thought of having Missy Peregrym's abs totally does (most days. The other days I need an ass-kicking from a more external source, haha!).  Now that you know one of my darkest secrets, you may ask "What the hell was the purpose of this? I was aware you are creepy, I have seen your gnome collection." Well here it is, muffins: You need to find something other than working out and eating better to motivate you to work out and eat better.  When it's raining or you are tired or the couch is in danger of floating away and needs to be held down, you are going to need something to get your ass going.  

Some things I have found motivating in the past include
I'm sure there are other ideas. I just have to jet off to my second boot camp of the day pretty quickly here.  Yes - my second boot camp of the day.  How do I find the energy?

Mark my words, I will have those abs.
(Picture from here.)


Sunday, June 9, 2013

a shark full of piss and vinegar

Hello muffins! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

You may be wondering what the hell the title of this post is referring to.  This is what has been running through my head all week.  I love having a challenge to work on, and I'm relishing everything that has been happening.

I can't remember what movie or show or whatever it was that I saw it in, but I'm having a pretty vivid memory (okay, not vivid at all. I'm Helen Keller-ing this) about sharks, and how their lungs work on the basis of water being pushed through to allow for oxygen exchange.  I have a biology degree; this twigged in my brain.  Sharks always have to keep moving.  If they stop, they die.  I can totally identify with this.  Not literally (I enjoy sleeping WAY too much for that), but in the sense that I feel happiest when I am moving forward.

And I beat her.  I'm that good.
When was the last time you tried something new? Or felt something you've never felt before? Challenge time: I want you to try something new every day this week.  It doesn't have to be elaborate or life-changing (although, can you imagine how effing awesome it would be if it did?!).  I aim to try as much new stuff as possible - I love pushing my boundaries and seeing what I'm capable of.  It just reaffirms how far I've come and shows me how much more I could do.  I try new food (Indian? Who knew?), I talk to people I may not have thought to reach out to, I explore new opportunities that I would have blown off before.  Because, at the end of the day, why not? (Ooooooh, she said the name of the blog! Mystery solved, friends).

I find this way of living completely thrilling.  It invigorates me to wake up and think "Today, I'm going to encounter something and do the complete opposite of what I'd normally do." It actually put a little pep in my step for the week - as if I was full of piss 'n' vinegar. 

So go forth, lovelies, and fall in love with the idea of becoming a better version of you by expanding what you're capable of.  Can you imagine what you could do? You have no excuse.

Why not?


Sunday, June 2, 2013

falling off the damn wagon (and hauling yourself back on)

Oh, it was a rough couple of weeks.  You know the kind - when everything needs to be in your mouth right now and it all tastes amazing and dammit, now I've gained 5lbs. Hello, delicious shame spiral.  We meet again.

I was feeling all sorts of things - some anger, some guilt.  Mostly, I was feeling kind of apathetic towards things, which made me even angrier (and I get punchy when I'm mad).  I had just put so much work into myself, and I was letting it go for no damn reason.  Sometimes I would randomly ask myself out loud "What the hell is the matter with you? What's going on?" (Don't worry, I didn't answer out loud.  The crazy comes and goes.)

I made a few decisions for myself, because I saw where it was going and knew I couldn't go there again.  I had just gone six weeks without coffee during the week (except for that one day)Why did I suddenly feel like it was a good idea to go back to having it? And why was I eating everything in sight and pretending it had no calories?  I didn't really have a good answer. 

 "Bitch, I could stop drinking coffee any time I want to. Don't judge me."
(Picture from this brilliant woman.)
How do you pull yourself out of the hole you're digging? How do you say "Okay, now it's enough.  Time to move on."?

My super-cheesy reasoning is going to sound hollow and kind of useless, but hear me out.
Your past is your past for a reason - and I really think your experiences are just lessons (like that time I thought it would be a good idea to chase tequila with $4 red wine. Lesson learned.) Clearly I was not "getting" what was going on.  

I decided to have a re-commitment week this week. I was extremely vigilant with the food tracking, I didn't touch that crack granola I've been making, and I resolved to get more exercise in in the morning.  And I felt a whole hell of a lot better for it.  I like the feeling of being able to control what's happening with my body.  Losing 3.8lbs doesn't hurt either.

At the end of the day, I think I just needed that little wake-up call to show me how quickly I could gain it back if I don't make my goals a priority.   I'm going to need your help, muffins.

I'm now 18.2lbs away from my unofficial "goal weight."  Help keep me honest.  I'm going to post my new weight every Saturday morning - up or down.   

Do you have a goal you want to reach?  Can we do this together? Let's make each other accountable.  Get in touch with me and we'll do this shit up all proper-like.

This week I'm going to:
  • Get in at least 2 extra workouts
  • Track my food
  • Smile more
  • Reward myself if I've lost at least 2lbs on Saturday
 Side question: Are you guys interested in more food-focused posts? Like examples of meal plans and things I like to eat that are healthy and mouthgasmic? Email me and let me know!