Thursday, March 14, 2013

impressionable youth

Oh hi. I know, it's been a while.
So I did something absolutely terrifying but strangely empowering last week - I told my story to my students.  I had mentioned that I'd lost some weight and started becoming really interested in fitness a couple years ago, and they were intrigued.  So I did what any teacher worth their salt would do - I made a cheesy PowerPoint.

My brother bear and I after a workout last summer.
I think the little bugger is taller than me now, at 13.
many friends and using cookie-and-peanut-butter sandwiches to comfort myself when I was sad about it, but I'd rather that than having these kids learn to eat their feelings too.  

Kids are dying to learn this information.  It takes a little prodding in the right direction, but they really are interested in why so many people are overweight, if they actually get a sugar high from eating sugar, and if they're going to end up with Type II diabetes from all the crap they're eating.  They want to know how to build muscles, how yoga can help them from having a freak out, and whether or not I will lose my mind on them for whining that they can't do a push-up (answer: yes). 

Some time down the road I could see myself careening into a new career path involving kids and fitness.  There's a lot to teach there, and a lot to learn.  It's really depressing to think we're raising a generation that can't do a push-up and give up on trying.  This isn't good.  I wouldn't give my experiences and childhood up for anything, but I also wouldn't wish them on another person either.  So stayed tuned - big things will be coming at some point!

On a lighter note, how are you doing on your mini-goals?  Have you given up coffee? (I haven't. I made it a day, once.)
Challenge this week: Write something down every day that you are grateful for, even if it's the fact you made it through the day.  I've had a few of those myself lately.

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