Saturday, August 23, 2014


Sometimes I just need a little perspective.

I had some time today to reflect and ponder as I had my ass handed to me royally. As I burpee-fuckin-broad-jumped down a football field and back, a thought occurred to me -

"This is hard, but it's not as hard as dying of cancer at 40 with a family."

And then I cried as I drove home, because of course I did.

It's time to admit a secret fear of mine.  It's probably not a huge secret, or all that difficult to surmise.  I forget every once in a while. I get cocky and lazy.  But I'm seriously pondering the fact that health is a fragile state and I need to stop taking it for granted. 

Five years ago I was dealing with a gallbladder issue and facing surgery, which terrified me.  A 23-year-old shouldn't have to be considering these kinds of things.  No one should have to be considering these kinds of things, really.  A small fire was kindled under my ass, and it's been growing steadily ever since.

But I still have the thought in the back of my mind - what kind of damage did I do to my body while I spent all those years overweight?  What's lingering under the surface, ready to devastate me at a moment's notice?  

Okay, let's flip this around to something a little more productive and less goddamn depressing.  When I feel like crap while working out because I've been away for a while, or I'm pondering which tasty beverage to get at Starbucks, a better thought to channel is "What are you doing to keep yourself healthy?"

(Notice I did not say "skinny." Screw that.)
If you're waiting for a wake-up call, let this be it.  Too many people are getting sick or even dying from shit that is all too preventable.  You have a life, you shouldn't deny yourself the pleasures of a delicious 'Bucks (because you know I won't!), but if you are getting the feeling that you're doing more damage than good for your body it might be time to think about shit. only live once.

(I've already rolled my eyes at myself dramatically, don't worry.)

As cliched as it is, you're not going to get a chance to be you at this point in your life again.  Just something to ponder.

Here's a picture of a baby elephant.
Give yourself a hug and have a great day.


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