Monday, January 7, 2013

a fresh start

Shut up, I know it's cliched.  

This isn't a resolution, I promise.  This is just about sharing my story and seeing if it helps or inspires or scares someone enough that they can do what I did.  

This isn't about anything serious, or anything horrible, or anything mindless.

This is about the fact that some people are unhealthy, and some of those people want to change that part of themselves.

Three years and 115lbs ago, I was a different person.  Ten years and 155lbs ago, I was a stranger.  I think.

How is it that a person can have such a desire to look and feel a certain way, and catch a taste of success, only to throw it away?  Unintentionally or not?

Well, I suppose that's also what this is about.

Tears, temptation, teacups, triumph, tastes, and treadmills.  And trying.

Shake it out.

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