Wednesday, January 9, 2013

when motivation wanes

I'm in a dilemma.  Well, maybe it's not a dilemma but it's a quandary of some kind.  In November, I felt myself getting all fired up and angry that I had been gaining and losing the same 5lbs for almost 6 months.  I had changed job locations, gotten married, and gone on my honeymoon and I needed to get my ass in gear.  I told myself that having a goal to work towards would help (like my wedding had kept me chugging along before).  So I found the closest half marathon I could find (even though the longest run I'd done was a 5-miler at that point) and signed up. 
It's now exactly one month away, and my desire to train for it and actually run it have completely dried up.  What is that?!  I mean, I've been having some pretty nasty back pain that totally puts me off of running at all right now, but I thought I would at least still be inspired and motivated? I am not.  This is awful and annoying. 
Just needing to find some inspiration at the moment.  I have one month.

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