Monday, June 24, 2013

get your head in the game (warning: this post gets weird. sorry.)

Hello my lovelies.  I apologize for the lack of updates.  Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches, and I was getting hammered.  We are back in our house, flood-damage free, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove. Punchy punch punch BAM.

I was thinking this morning at boot camp that I have 72 days until my birthday, which is when I'd like to be at my goal.  As of yesterday morning, that is 16.8lbs away.  That's about 1.5lbs/week.  I'm really just saying this for my benefit and hoping someone will keep me accountable (please nag my lazy ass!).  I like to break down my goals like this - helps me get a little perspective on things.  Even now that I've done the math, I'm a little more fired up about it.  Let's do this shit.

Anyways, I'm not sure if you've ever had the pleasure of watching High School Musical (or the honor of watching it with Julie and I.  Us - one, humanity - zero), but it has some pretty good advice.  One of those pieces of advice is that men need to carefully consider wearing capris before doing so.  Another is that you need to getcha head in the game.  I was having a conversation with someone who is currently putting her game face on in terms of fitness (so proud of you, P!) and she was telling me about her plans and goals.  First off, having the drive to make plans and goals in the first place is a giant accomplishment.  That's what sets the inspired apart from the motivated!  But is that enough? What happens when you stop "feeling like" working out and tracking your food (downward shame spiral with mojitos, party of one)?

Once in a while, I like to be creepy. I know, this may shock some of you.  When the mood strikes, I start Googling Missy Peregrym (or Missy Peregrym's abs if I'm feeling extra-creepy. Okay fine, I Google that every time.  I can stop any time!) and start thinking how utterly doable that could be.  Some days, just saying "I can lose weight!" or "I should go for a jog!" just don't cut it for me.  But somehow, the thought of having Missy Peregrym's abs totally does (most days. The other days I need an ass-kicking from a more external source, haha!).  Now that you know one of my darkest secrets, you may ask "What the hell was the purpose of this? I was aware you are creepy, I have seen your gnome collection." Well here it is, muffins: You need to find something other than working out and eating better to motivate you to work out and eat better.  When it's raining or you are tired or the couch is in danger of floating away and needs to be held down, you are going to need something to get your ass going.  

Some things I have found motivating in the past include
I'm sure there are other ideas. I just have to jet off to my second boot camp of the day pretty quickly here.  Yes - my second boot camp of the day.  How do I find the energy?

Mark my words, I will have those abs.
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